We are driven by creating experiences that improve quality of life for our people, our clients, and our community.

Core Values

The Guiding Principles of CDS Muery can be stated simply and clearly: Improving Quality of Life and Doing the Right Thing. These are the principles that have made us successful since our founding in 1988, and they guide the decisions and actions of our firm.

Improving Quality of Life…

We believe in improving the Quality of Life
of our PEOPLE, by:
  • promoting a healthy work/life balance
  • providing a safe, stable work environment
  • providing pathways for career advancement
  • providing training opportunities for personal, technical, and professional development
  • equipping them with up-to-date hardware and software resources
  • offering industry-competitive benefits and compensation packages
We believe in improving the Quality of Life
for our CLIENTS, by:
  • being reliable and trustworthy
  • being value-conscious at all phases of the project
  • looking after their interests
  • being project-oriented, rather than task-oriented
  • taking ownership of their work
  • providing them with the trust and confidence that their project is being handled competently, which frees them to focus on other concerns
We believe in improving the Quality of Life
for our COMMUNITY, by:
  • producing cost-effective, quality design of civil infrastructure
  • optimizing use of taxpayer dollars through ethical practice and by being efficient in our work processes
  • being charitable
  • supporting our employees’ involvement in the community