Laser Scanning

High Definition Surveying (HDS)/3D Laser Scanning

CDS Muery has offered the advanced technology of HDS/3D Laser Scanning to our clients since 2002 to provide a more-efficient evaluation and decision-making application for their projects. The result is a detailed, photorealistic 3D image of their existing structure extracted from spatial datasets that were laser scanned in the field. This virtual 3D model image is created in less time and with less cost than conventional techniques.

Cost-Saving Benefits:

  • Lighter, smaller, and faster data collection equipment
  • Reduction or elimination of costly return visits to the site
  • Greater accuracy and more detailed as-builts for retrofitting design projects
  • Opportunity to factory fabricate rather than field fabricate
  • Enables scanning of the site without shutting down the facility

Added-Value Benefits:

  • Shorter project cycle times
  • Reduced ambiguity due to greater detail
  • Safer field method than conventional practice in capturing data
  • Unobtrusive data capture
  • Efficiency of sharing data sets for team collaboration

Our core expertise of laser scanning services and applications includes:

  • Inanimate object scans – no size too large
  • Construction progress documentation
  • Building interior replication
  • Road & bridge infrastructure
  • Frameworks for large structures, such as high rises and stadiums
  • Archaeological site documentation
  • Detailed as-builts of manufacturing & processing facilities
  • Topography and vegetation surveys
  • Historical building preservation and renovation archiving
  • Asset management inventory surveys
  • Movement and deformation measurement surveys
  • Accident investigation and forensic surveys
  • Underground tunneling and excavations