Riley to Edith Clarke Power Transmission Line (CREZ)

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Owner:Electric Transmission Texas, LLC (ETT), Austin, Texas

This power transmission line project from Riley Substation to the Edith-Clarke Substation is a part of the CREZ power grid expansion throughout Texas. This electric transmission corridor traverses a distance of approximately 43 miles over two counties (Foard & Wilbarger) in northern Texas. The 345 kV electric power transmission line required a 150 FT wide easement that involved the acquisition of over 67 property parcels, regulatory permitting to cross multiple federal, state and county roads, and railroad ROW. This project is one of many major expansion projects that CDS Muery provided services as part of the state-wide program to facilitate an increase in renewable energy from the building of new electric power transmission infrastructure throughout the State of Texas to meet electric demands needed for current consumers and the forecasted growth of Texas’ population. This expansion is affiliated with the Competitive Renewable Energy Zones (CREZ) program created by a Senate bill passed in 2005 enabling creation of projects that will provide infrastructure that will generate opportunities for greater renewable energy capacity, specifically from wind power.

CDS Muery provided the full extent of surveying services required for the design and construction of the 43 mile power transmission line and corridor route. The services provided included property acquisition research, transmission alignment determination and alternative route planning, documentation of existing ground conditions along corridor easement and ROE acquisition, regulatory permitting, construction document deliverables, and construction phase services.

More specifically, CDS Muery surveying services included establishing control at 5 mile intervals along the 43 mile transmission route, survey of over 760 acres of transmission easement acquisition, deed research of GLO, municipal, and County records for over 67 property owners, preparation of route alignment and ownership parcel maps, survey and mapping of utility locates identified by markers, field survey of all existing conditions including underground utilities, roads, waterways, and bridge crossings along the transmission corridor route, boundary survey for the 43 mile and 150 ft wide transmission easement, survey plats, metes and bounds descriptions with exhibits for each property easement acquisition, setting of new monuments for easements, and preparing plan and profile sheets for the 43 mile transmission line route. Construction services included staking centerline of easement, construction staking off-sets for location of 282 power line vertical structures ranging in heights from 130-195FT, and preparing final as-built plans. Permitting included acquiring nine right-of-way crossing approvals ranging from TxDOT to FM to US Hwy road jurisdictions.

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Surveying services provided

  • As-Built Surveys
  • Boundary Surveys
  • Construction Phase Surveying
  • Control Surveys
  • Design Surveys
  • Route Surveys
  • Survey Mapping

Markets Served

  • Energy