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Owner:City of San Antonio - San Antonio International Airport (SAIA), San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio International Airport (SAIA) is situated on more than 2600 acres of land and ranks as one of the top 50 largest airports in the United States, serving over 8 million passengers annually. The City of San Antonio developed a Vision 2050 master plan for the SAIA to assure its sustainability and accommodate the demands of future growth. CDS Muery was selected by the City of San Antonio’s Aviation Department as engineering consultant for the RON Apron improvements budgeted for $7M, which was one of the proposed development projects in Vision 2050. The RON Apron project encompassed an area of approximately 12 acres that consisted of five existing hangar buildings, a concrete parking area with limited maneuverability for private and commercial size aircraft, limited stationing areas for aircraft fuel tanker trucks, and numerous type of existing underground utility infrastructure.

CDS Muery provided the civil engineering, surveying, and construction administration services for design and construction of a new RON Apron to replace the existing site operations with more effective mobility services for commercial aircraft. The design for the new RON Apron would provide a reconstructed 9 acre concrete pavement area for aircraft parking accessible from the terminal taxiways, and a waste disposal and wash-down facility for ground operations to service aircraft. This project required the demolition of five (5) metal exterior/steel girder hangar buildings that collectively totaled 60,000 SF, removal of 7 acres of existing apron area covered by deteriorating concrete and asphalt pavement, and removal of 3300 CY of contaminated soils.

The specific services provided by CDS Muery included setting survey controls, topographic surveys, survey of existing horizontal and vertical improvements to provide dimensional control for design and preparation of construction documents, geotechnical analysis for determining soil contamination, and design of concrete and asphalt pavement sections required for various size commercial aircraft loads for the RON apron. Engineering design was provided for utility services for waste disposal and trash compactor systems housed in separate buildings along the apron, and a drainage collection system and waste separator for a one acre aircraft wash rack area. Engineering also included finish grade and storm water runoff collection system design for approximately 9 acre impervious area totaling over 50,000 CY of concrete and asphalt pavement, storm water hydrologic and hydraulic analysis for the project site, water main relocation design, and FAA standard aircraft taxilane striping and marking design. Construction document plans, cost estimating, and specifications were prepared in accordance with FAA and City of San Antonio Aviation Department standards. Additional regulatory agency coordination included TCEQ, SAWS, and CPS. CDS Muery provided services for construction bid phase, and construction phase site visits, contractor RFI coordination, payment reviews, Contractor/Owner site meetings, monthly reports, final inspection, and record plan drawings.

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Engineering services provided

  • Construction Phase Services
  • Infrastructure Renovation & Reconstruction
  • Runway, Taxiway, & Apron Design
  • Stormwater Management Analysis & Design

Surveying services provided

  • Construction Phase Surveying
  • Control Surveys
  • Design Surveys

Markets Served

  • Aviation
  • Government