Ravenfield Road & Bridge Expansion

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Owner:Bexar County, Texas

This project required the replacement of a 2000 LF segment of existing 2-lanes on Ravenfield Road which crossed the major watershed of Medio Creek, including replacement of 3-48” existing culvert pipes under the road that were inadequate to mitigate flood conditions. The flooding issues for Ravenfield Road were a result of the population growth in this area of Bexar County and increased residential and commercial development activities which generated greater traffic than the capacity available on the existing 2-lane road. The under-sized existing culverts posed risks of flood hazard driving conditions and frequent problem of shutting down access. CDS Muery was selected by Bexar County Infrastructure Services Department, Public Works Division to provide the engineering design to remedy these issues of the existing road with a replacement that resolved the problems of accommodating the traffic demands and providing safe passage during 100-year flood events.

CDS Muery provided a solution that required design of 2500 LF of new roadway that followed a different alignment then the existing to provide better horizontal geometry to meet appropriate design speeds, centerline grades, and cross-section slopes for increased traffic volumes. The new roadway design by CDS Muery provided a wider roadway with a 4-lane section, curbing, and sidewalks to provide a more complete street access for vehicle traffic and pedestrians. The new roadway also included design of a 375 LF pre-stressed concrete beam bridge over Medio Creek that was more cost effective due to longer spans that have fewer vertical bridge piles that added more efficiency to carrying through the 100-year flows. In addition, channelization improvements were designed for 200 FT upstream and 400 FT downstream of the bridge along Medio Creek to increase efficiency to pass flows through the bridge for 100-year flood conditions that is attributed to a drainage area of approximately 21,200 acres. A street drainage system design for the new roadway bridge approaches included 1500 LF of 24” to 54” diameter concrete pipe, curb inlets, and outfall structures.

CDS Muery provided all the civil engineering and surveying services for the project such as 6.5 acres of ROW acquisitions, contracting and management of subconsultant design services, multiple regulatory agencies and ownership jurisdiction coordination, traffic control planning coordination for existing and new road, underground and overhead utility coordination with multiple providers, CWA Section 404 permitting for jurisdictional impacts and mitigation plan within Waters of the U.S., and planning/design for multi-phase construction sequencing.

More specific services provided by CDS Muery included control/topographic/tree surveys, parcel/ownership deed research, ROW acquisition base maps, tree inventory plan, roadway/pavement/drainage design, HEC-HMS and HEC-RAS hydrology/hydraulic modeling & analysis, structural bridge design, preparation of construction document plans and specifications, and design phase construction cost estimating. Required permitting, reviews and approvals were obtained from Bexar County Public Works, SAWS, and USACE.  

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Engineering services provided

  • Bridge Design
  • Construction Phase Services
  • Infrastructure Renovation & Reconstruction
  • Regulatory Entitlements
  • Stormwater Management Analysis & Design
  • Street & Roadway Design

Surveying services provided

  • Acquisition Research & Surveys
  • Construction Phase Surveying
  • Control Surveys
  • Design Surveys
  • Survey Mapping

Markets Served

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  • Transportation
  • Water Resources