Old Salado Creek Wastewater Siphon Replacement

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Owner:San Antonio Water System (SAWS), San Antonio, Texas

CDS Muery was selected by SAWS to improve the level of service and efficiency of the Salado Creek wastewater outfall system infrastructure to increase flow capacity and upgrade pipeline reliability for meeting operational expectancy.

The project scope involved the abandonment and replacement of over 15,000 LF of existing sanitary sewer outfall gravity mains, siphon mains, force mains, and lift station modifications to accomplish the project objectives.

The project sewer pipelines included rehabilitation of 22,000 LF of 48-inch San Antonio River Outfall main, slip-lining of 10,500 LF of 42-inch siphon with a 26-inch HDPE pipe, and placement of 2400 LF of 30-inch force main.

The scope of the project followed a two mile route that traversed a multitude of complex conditions including large tract areas of tree covered open land, crossing underneath the San Antonio River, crossing underneath Stinson Field Airport runway, across TxDOT ROW and along major City street thoroughfares, through commercial and industrial properties, crossing active railroad ROW, and entering lands owned by federal/state/city government. Replacement and rehabilitation improvements of sewer infrastructure encountered depths that exceeded 30 ft. below existing grade.

CDS Muery provided civil engineering, surveying, and construction phase services for the wastewater outfall improvement project, including:

  • ROE and temporary construction easement acquisitions
  • Contracting and management of subconsultant design services
  • Multiple regulatory permit approvals and coordination
  • Street reconstruction
  • Modification improvements to major sewer system outfall lift station (5-4300 gpm pumps)
  • Traffic control planning coordination
  • Underground and overhead utility coordination
  • Installation of biological odor control unit at downstream sewer system
  • Planning/design of multi-phase construction sequencing

Specific services provided by CDS Muery included:

  • Control survey
  • Topographic surveys
  • Parcel/ownership deed research for temporary easement acquisition
  • Ownership/easement maps
  • Tree survey and inventory plan
  • Master plan evaluation of service demands and capacity requirements for design flow analysis
  • Alternate route cost benefit assessment
  • Hydraulic modeling for optimal flow route alternatives
  • Street/pavement reconstruction design
  • Construction document plans and specifications
  • Design phase construction cost estimating
  • Bid phase coordination
  • Site observations
  • Project closure

Permit coordination and approvals were obtained from COSA, SAWS, TxDOT, USFWS, USACE, THC, TCEQ, SPRR, FAA, SARA, Stinson Field Airport, and affected property owners.

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Surveying services provided

  • As-Built Surveys
  • Construction Phase Surveying
  • Control Surveys
  • Route Surveys

Engineering services provided

  • Construction Phase Services
  • Regulatory Entitlements
  • Water and Wastewater Design

Markets Served

  • Government
  • Utilities