Clear Crossing Substation

Owner:Electric Transmission Texas, LLC (ETT), Austin, TexasReturn to previous page
Owner:Electric Transmission Texas, LLC (ETT), Austin, Texas

The Clear Crossing Substation Project is located in Haskell County, Texas, approximately 60 miles north of Abilene, Texas. The overall project limits encompassed 285 acres for a laydown yard parcel and a 345 kV electric transmission substation parcel that were constructed in two separate phases. The laydown yard pad area and substation pad area are approximately 55 acres and 40 acres, respectively. The project work included the reconstruction of a 1.3 mile county road that provided access to the project parcels for construction and operations.

This project is one of many that are part of a major expansion of electric transmission lines and substations into areas of north, central, south and west Texas to maximize the service efficiency of power grids.

CDS Muery provided the civil engineering, surveying, and construction administration services for both phases of this project. Surveying services included:

  • Establishing control
  • Boundary survey for the overall 285 acres
  • Topographic survey of parcels and surrounding area at 50-foot grid
  • Construction staking for dimensional control
  • Construction surveying for layout of parcel improvements

Civil engineering services included:

  • Earthwork design for 200,000 CY of soil on the project sites
  • County roadway and drainage reconstruction design
  • Hydrology and hydraulic stormwater modeling and analysis for the 285 acre project
  • Design of over 5200 LF of drainage culverts and surface inlets
  • Design of stormwater runoff sediment basin and discharge control weir
  • Site layout and grading design for the 95 acre pads
  • Design of flexible base/geogrid and soil-cement all-weather surfaces for the 95 acre pads
  • TPDES SWPPP plans
  • Construction document plans/specifications
  • Construction cost estimating
  • Construction pre-bid preparation
  • Site investigations and reporting
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Engineering services provided

  • Construction Phase Services
  • Electric Substation Site Design

Surveying services provided

  • As-Built Surveys
  • Boundary Surveys
  • Construction Phase Surveying
  • Control Surveys
  • Design Surveys
  • Route Surveys
  • Survey Mapping

Markets Served

  • Energy