Central Watershed Sewer Relief Main

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Owner:San Antonio Water System (SAWS), San Antonio, Texas

CDS Muery was selected by SAWS to improve the level of service and efficiency of the Central Watershed Sewer Relief Main outfall system infrastructure to increase flow capacity and upgrade long term reliability to meet operational service expectancy. Located in a highly developed urban area, the project scope involved both the replacement and rehabilitation of existing pipeline located under 20,000 LF of community streets that varied from arterial to local section classification, that traverse through a diversity of developed land use such as residential neighborhoods, churches, school campuses, and commercial businesses.

CDS Muery was selected to provide civil engineering, surveying, and construction phase services for the old sewer relief line replacement and rehabilitation project. The complete scope of replacement and rehabilitation design and survey work included approximately 7,000 LF of 54-inch, 2400 LF of 48-inch, 5000 LF of 30-inch, and 1770 LF of 48-inch Cured-In-Place pipe. Additional improvements consisted of designing 6 large diversion/splitter structures, and a double-barrel 30-inch HDPE siphon constructed underneath and across a tributary creek.

Specific services provided by CDS Muery included control survey, topographic/tree surveys, parcel/ownership deed research for temporary access easement acquisition, ownership/easement maps, tree inventory survey and plan, SAWS utility master plan evaluation of service demands, review of SAWS utility master plan for short and long term capacity requirements for design flow analysis, alternate route planning for cost benefit analysis, hydraulic modeling for optimal flow route alternatives, street/pavement reconstruction design, preparation of construction document plans and specifications, design phase construction cost estimating, bid phase coordination, site observations, and project closure. Regulatory entitlements required preparation and submittals for approvals from City of San Antonio departments, SAWS, TxDOT, USACE, TCEQ, AT&T, CPS, BexarMet Utility CCN, and affected property owners.  

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Surveying services provided

  • As-Built Surveys
  • Construction Phase Surveying
  • Control Surveys
  • Design Surveys
  • Route Surveys
  • Survey Mapping

Engineering services provided

  • Construction Phase Services
  • Regulatory Entitlements
  • Water and Wastewater Design

Markets Served

  • Government
  • Utilities