Arden Grove Professional Offices

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Owner:GP&P, San Antonio, Texas

The Class A level professional office building is situated on a postage stamp size parcel, and located in a downtown infill redevelopment area. The site planning and design is governed by new urbanism zoning (Form-Based) and a river overlay district which presented a unique challenge for the consulting architect (DHR) and engineering design team. The final architectural design for meeting the clients’ expectations and the required regulatory criteria resulted in a 4 story building with a total floor space area of over 24,000 SF. The ground level footprint for the structure, combined with the parking and open space area requirements, required creative approaches and design skills of the architect and engineering team to assure all improvements would fit and function properly on this small 0.5 acre parcel.

CDS Muery provided the civil engineering design, surveying, and construction administration services for the on-site improvements for the office building, including off-site design of 350LF of 12-inch water main extension for fire protection service. On-site improvements included 7500SF of 7-inch concrete pavement parking and street access, on-site water, sewer and fire protection mains, and LID storm water BMP treatment system that included rain garden with bio-detention and bio-swale outfall.

Specific services provided by CDS Muery included topographic and tree surveys, parking pavement and grading design, storm water hydrologic and hydraulic analysis, fire flow analysis, transportation impact analysis, construction document plans and specifications, cost estimating, and bid plan support. Regulatory entitlements included coordination and permit approvals from City of San Antonio (COSA) departments, COSA Center City Development Office, COSA Fire Marshall, SAWS, TCEQ, and TPDES.

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Surveying services provided

  • Boundary Surveys
  • Control Surveys
  • Design Surveys

Engineering services provided

  • Infrastructure Renovation & Reconstruction
  • Regulatory Entitlements
  • Site Development Engineering

Markets Served

  • Real Estate