CDS Muery provides opportunities for professional growth by building knowledge and broadening skills. Our work environment cultivates the importance of open communication, encourages creative thinking, and promotes innovative ideas. From the inspiration and continued involvement of the company’s leadership, our core philosophies are reinforced daily by their exemplary actions. The majority of employees at CDS Muery have long tenure with the company, many of whom have been there since the beginning. They are the backbone of the company’s performance and consistently work by a reputable ethic with the utmost pride of ownership in their work. They lead others to follow in ensuring the company’s principles of providing our clients with outstanding service that will exceed expectations, provide tangible results, and develop lasting relationships.

CDS Muery offers competitive compensation with a comprehensive package of benefits. If you are interested in being a part of the CDS Muery team, you can obtain information regarding employment opportunities by filling out the form below.

CDS Muery is an Equal Opportunity Employer and a Drug-Free Workplace.

Please send resume and cover letter via email to or via fax to 210-581-5555 (Attention: Human Resources). 

Current Career Opportunities

Party Chief

The Party Chief is responsible for organizing and directing the survey party, to efficiently and safely complete tasks, and accurately obtain project data.

Instrument Operator

The Instrument Operator assists the Party Chief, in efficiently and safely obtaining accurate project data by directly operating the instrument or equipment.


The Rodman assists the Party Chief and Instrument Operator by safely and efficiently performing tasks such as loading equipment, setting up the instrument, driving stakes, cutting brush, holding the prism pole and preparing the job site for survey.

Survey / Civil Engineering CAD Technician

The Survey / Civil Engineering CAD Technician is primarily responsible for performing advanced civil and survey tasks such as processing data, analyzing and creating needed client deliverables by utilizing a variety of software platforms, such as; Microstation Geopak, AutoCad, Civil 3d, and ArcGIS among others.